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Residential Recycling Change on 7/5

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Starting on 7/5, recycling services for townhomes will be provided by Monument Waste Services. Monument is a local company that has been providing trash pick-up to the townhomes and trash/recycling pick-up to the Lowell School for the past few months. Please read about these 4 important changes coming soon for townhome recycling...

1) Monument willl provide each townhome with 1 recycling "toter" on Tuesday 7/5. These toters will be similiar to the ones they previously provided for trash. The last CRI recycling pickup will also be on Tuesday 7/5, so please start using the Monument recycling toters on that same date. Please return your old lime green CRI bins to the sales model front porch (794 White Ave). The District purchased all the lime green bins from CRI and provided them at no charge to townhome owners. To help stretch the District's budget as far as possible, we'll attempt to return all the CRI bins for a refund back to the District.

2) Monument provides single-stream recycling, so no more sorting. With single stream, you don't have to sort items, so it's more convenient to recycle.  But it's also more important with single stream to keep your recyclables from being contaminated with items that aren't actually recyclable. Please review these recycling guidelines from Monument, or provide them to your tenants, vacation rental management company, cleaners, etc. for them to review. If Monument's recycling guidelines aren't followed, their drivers will not empty the recycling toters and will just tag the bin indicating what items in the toter are not acceptable.

3) Monument will pick-up recycling in S. Pioneer Alley. This is the same location as their current trash pick-up. With the increase in toters, please keep them "docked" as close as possible to your garage to ensure that the drive aisle in the alley remains clear for your neighbors.

4) Monument will pick-up recycling starting on Wednesday 7/20 and bi-weekly ever other Wednesday thereafter. The District's recycling pick-up schedule is shown as the "A-weeks" highlighted in green on this recycling schedule (and please also provide this schedule to your tenants, etc). If recycling rates increase, the recycling pick-up schedule could be increased to weekly. Trash pick-up will remain weekly for the time being, but could be downgraded to bi-weekly service if trash volumes are reduced significantly through increased recycling.

The cost to the District for Monument's recycling service is slightly higher compared to the cost for CRI's service. But the new service will hopefully be more convenient for residents and therefore result in increased recycling participation. Please reach out if you any feedback in this change, or have any ideas on how the District could further incentivize increased recycling rates.


Posted to Community Updates on 6/6/22.

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