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New On-Site Composting + Recruiting Community Gardens Intern

The Metro District is gearing up for initial community gardens implementation later this year, and we have 2 important announcements to share...

May contain: wood, gravel, dirt road, road, plywood, and lumber

1) On-site composting is now availible to townhome residents and school tenants. The compost enclosure is temporarily located behind the townhomes. Just drop your compost in the enclosure and our contractor will turn and water the pile occasionally. Once we have a decent amount of good soil we’ll offer it free to townhome residents and school tenants, and if no takers, we’ll give it away to the general public. Please compost as much as you are able to help further reduce our community's carbon footprint. Townhome residents: with the new on-site composting, the District will no longer offer weekly composting pick-up.

2) The District is currently looking for a part-time Community Gardens Intern to help launch the Lowell Village on-site community gardens program. No previous experience is necessary. Hours are flexible, but must be availible at least 10-20 hours per month. Key traits/skills we are looking for: reliability, follow through, work ethic, and good communication. Compensation is negotiatble. If you know anyone that would be an excellent candidate to help launch the District's community gardens program, please have them reach out to for more information.


Posted to Community Updates on 3/9/22.







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