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Keeping Courtyard Stormwater Drain Grates Clear (District needs your help!)

Clogged mesh screen covering the outlet pipe into the 8th St. bioswale for the courtyard's stormwater drainage  system.

After one of the extremely heavy rainstorms this past week, a townhome resident reported standing water in their courtyard for a brief period after the rainstorm. The District completed a maintenance check of the courtyard stormwater drain system. The District needs help from all residents (both owners and renters) with the following 2 items...

1) Please keep the metal grates that cover the storm drain pipes in the courtyards clear of all debris and keep them "open to the sky" (i.e. don't cover the grates with BBQs, furniture, etc). The grates need to be kept clear and uncovered to ensure the maximum flow of water from the courtyards into the storm drain pipe that empties into the bioswale on 8th Street. 

2) Please be dilligent in keeping pieces of trash/debris off the ground in the courtyards. Small pieces of trash on the ground can get washed into the storm drain pipe and cause the mesh screen covering the the outlet (end) of the storm pipe to become clogged. Then sediment starts to accumulate behind the trash pieces, until the screen is almost fully obstructed. That slows the "flow rate" of stormwater from the courtyards into the bioswale on 8th St.

If we can get all residents (both owners and renters) to help with the above items, it will reduce the occurrence and duration of standing water in the courtyards after heavy rains.  It will also reduce the District's maintenance costs for keeping the courtyard storm drain system functioning, which in turn allows the District to allocate it's property tax revenue for maintenance as efficiently as possible.  Thanks in advance for your help!


Posted to Community Updates on 9/17/22.

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