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Keep Pets Off Landscaped Areas Wednesday 4/10 Afternoon

May contain: dog, mammal, animal, canine, pet, strap, grass, plant, and hound

On the afternoon of Wednesday 4/10, the District's landscape contractor WD Yards will be applying a "beds and borders" weed prevention spray treatment to all the landscaped areas around the Lowell School Building and the Lowell Village Townhomes. WD Yards reccommends that pets be kept off the treated areas for about 1 hour after the spray is applied to allow the spray to dry fully. WD Yards can't provide a specific time for the beginning and end of their spraying. To be safe, please keep pets off all of the District's public landscaped areas on Wednesday 4/10 from 1pm to 5 pm. The treated areas will be marked with small colored flags as a reminder to keep pets away.


Posted to Community Updates on 4/9/24.



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