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Keep Pets and Kids Away from District Trees and Shrubs this Afternoon (Tuesday 3/21)

May contain: dog, mammal, animal, canine, pet, strap, grass, plant, and hound

The District just received notice that our landscape contractor WD Yards will be treating all the trees and shrubs in the District with a weed control herbicide THIS AFTERNOON (Tuesday 3/21). The contractor states that the application poses no risk whatsoever to humans and no risk to pets once the application has dried 1 hour after application. But out of an abundance of caution:  please keep pets and kids away from trees and shrubs in the District the rest of this afternoon (Tuesday 3/21). For School tenants: please share this info with your employees/volunteers not already on this list.  For Townhome owners: please share this info with your tenants or property managers. Be aware that the application has a slight tint to it to make it easier to avoid. For any future applications, the District will receive at least 1 day advance notice.  We were informed that the short notice today was due to a few cancellations this week, which caused the District's application to get added to the contractor's schedule unexpectedly.


Posted to Community Updates on 3/21/23.



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