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District's Water Conservation Efforts Showing Big Results

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Some great news for District constituents: the District's water conservation efforts over the past year are starting to show some big results.

The District has been working dilligently the past year to reduce "water waste" in our landscape irrigation system. This work has been done in partnership with Stone Construction, WD Yards, REgeneration Development, and the City of Grand Junction Utilities Department Billing Division.

The District's water conservation efforts to date include: 1) finding and fixing longstanding leaks in the landscape irrigation system, 2) replacing broken sprinkler heads ASAP when they fail or are damaged to prevent runoff, and 3) reducing the number of watering days for the Lowell School lawn to avoid overwatering.

As a result of these water conservation efforts, City billing data the past few months show that thus far this year the District is using about 65% less water for landscape irrigation compared to the same time last year. If this initial trend continues, the District will end up using almost 1 million fewer gallons of water for landscape irrigation this year compared to last year.

That's good for the planet, but also good for the District and its constituents: the significant reduction in District water usage for landscape irrigation will potentially reduce the District's annual water bill by several thousand dollars this year, and every year going forward. That annual savings will free up resources that the District can use to provide direct services to its constituents and meet its other financial obligations.

More water conservation efforts are planned in the coming years, so stay tuned. In the meantime, District constituents can support these ongoing water conservation efforts by reporting any problems with our landscape irrigation system using the District's online Maintenence Request form.  For more info on where the District's landscape irrigation water comes from, check out the City's "Get to Know Your H2O" website.  For more info on why conservation of Grand Junction's "best in the US" water is critically important, check out this recent front page article in The Daily Sentinel


Posted to Community Updates on 6/9/23.  Updated on 6/16/23.

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