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District's La Fleur by Livvy Nominated for "New Luxury Award" by International Perfume Foundation

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The District's own La Fleur by Livvy was recently nominated for a 2023 New Luxury Award from the esteemed International Perfume Foundation in Paris! La Fleur by Livvy is one of only six companies in the world - and one of only two companies in the US - to be nominated this year for a New Luxury Award in the Brands Category. This global recognition for La Fleur by Livvy is an incredible honor for a small, local business that's based right here in the Historic Lowell School Building in downtown Grand Junction.  

La Fleur by Livvy creates handcrafted scents for women and men, soaps, and candles. All La Fleur by Livvy's products are made in small batches from natural materials. The main ingredients in all La Fleur by Livvy's products are derived from flowers and plants, thus the name “La Fleur” (“The Flower”).  

Livvy Larson, the owner/perfumer of La Fleur by Livvy, shared her reaction to being nominated for such a prestigious award on the company's FaceBook page:  "Thank you for your continued support dear customers. We will continue to strive hard to offer you high-quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients for our perfumes with a focus on 'what is inside the bottle', eco-friendly packaging, and animal cruelty-free and vegan or botanical perfumes."

If you haven't been to the Lowell School recently, stop by and check out La Fleur by Livvy and the other local businesses located inside the Lowell School. Your patronage of these businesses keeps your shopping dollars circulating in the local economy, and also helps support the ongoing restoration and reactivation of the historic Lowell School building!


Posted to Community Updates on 3/4/23

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