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District Recognized by the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce

2 hammers representing the Chamber of Commerce awarding a 2022 Business Expansion Award to Lowell Village Metro District and it developer Downtown Grand Junction REgeneration

The District was recently recognized by the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce at their Monday membership meeting and on their social media channels. The Chamber's recogntion was for the investment the District has made in building out the District's infrastructure from the proceeds of the District's 2021 municipal bond issuance. The recognition was as follows:  

“In the past 6 months of 2022 and continuing through Summer 2023, the Lowell Village Metro District will have invested a total of $250,000 in infrastructure construction to serve the Lowell Village Townhomes development project to support new housing in downtown Grand Junction.”

For it's investment, the District was awarded a 2022 Business Expansion Award in the form of a "ceremonial hammer" (as shown in the photo). Credit for this award to the District goes to current and former District board members, District Counsel Shelly Dackonish with Dufford Waldeck, District contractor Matt Hill with Stone Construction, as well as the District's muni bond advisor, bond counsel, and bond buyer for the 2021 municipal bond.

The District’s developer REgeneration was also awarded a 2022 Business Expansion Award and recognized by the Chamber, as follows: 

“In 2022, REgeneration has secured a total of $200,000 in both grants and loans for historic preservation work on the Lowell School (old R-5 High School) in downtown Grand Junction. This preservation work began in late summer and will continue through the Spring of 2023. In addition, REgeneration has invested or committed nearly $100,000 of it's capital for improvements and upgrades to the Lowell School in just the first 9 months of private ownership. The Lowell School is now fully leased with local businesses, artists, and civic groups."

Combined in 2022, the District and it's developer REgeneration have invested or secured a total of $550,000 for capital improvements and upgrades within the District boundaries.


Posted to Community Updates on 9/21/22.

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