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District Board Opposes Prop HH and Urges a NO Vote on November 7th

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The Metro District board of directors has unanimously adopted Resolution 2023-03 voicing it's opposition to state Prop HH and urging a NO vote on the November 7th ballot. 

The reasons for the board's opposition to Prop HH are stated directly in their adopted resolution:

"The Board anticipates that the passage of Prop HH will severely compromise the fiscal capacity to meet the existing and future obligations of the District, including costs for operation and maintenance services, construction of capital improvements, and payment of debt service. 

The Board concludes that the passage of Prop HH will significantly diminish the ability of the District to provide the vital services, facilities, and infrastructure that our taxpaying public needs, expects, and demands.  

For the reasons set forth above, the Board strongly urges a NO vote on Prop HH at the statewide election on November 7, 2023."

The Special District Association of Colorado has more info on the negative fiscal impacts that the passage of Prop HH will have on special districts l​ike the Lowell Village Metro District.​


Posted to Community Updates on 10/19/23.

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