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First Friday Art Happening @ Lowell School:  New Exhibit Opening + Live Music

Artwork with a vintage-style woman surrounded by butterflies, titled "Up in the Air" by Marilyn Wilcox.

What:  First Friday Art Happening @ Lowell School:  New Exhbit Opening + Live Music

Where:  The Historic Lowell School Building, 310 N. 7th Street, Downtown Grand Junction, CO 81501

When:  Friday 7/5 from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Details:  This month's "First Friday Art Happening @ Lowell School" includes a new exhibit and live music. Here's the rundown of the art events happening in the LoDi (Lowell District) tonight:

> Classroom 11:  ArtLight Therapy and Studios is opening their new exhibit 'Up In the Air' featuring artist Marilyn Wilcox. "'Up in the Air' is a whimsical journey where acrylic paint, collage, and mixed media convey a world in which gravity loses its grip and imagination takes flight. Dance with kites in the wind, watch the graceful gyrations of birds, the magical flutter of butterflies, and the silent majesty of hot air balloons. Things that soar and glide, the essence of weightlessness and liberation. This collection celebrates the universal desire to ascend and explore the unknown, or to just hang out."

> The Commons (front lawn of the Lowell School Building):  Live music from Bodango. The Commons is the newest public park in Downtown Grand Junction that's open for the entire community to enjoy.

PLUS:  It's "Food Truck Friday @ Lowell School" tonight hosted by Lowell School Food Trucks and Friends. Several of the local businesses and community / civic groups inside the Lowell School will be open late, including the Mesa County Democrats who are hosting a non-partisan voter registration table open to anyone of any party that wants to register to vote or update their voter registration.

Hosts:  Hosted by the individual galleries and creative spaces listed above. Please contact the hosts directly for more info about the activities they are hosting. 

Sponsors:  Financial support provided by REgeneration Development.  In-kind support provided by the Lowell Village Metro District.


There's always something new happening at the Lowell Village Metro District! For upcoming events inside the historic Lowell School Building or outside on the Lowell Village Commons (public open space in front of the school), check out the Metro District's Community Calendar.

Looking for a unique venue to host your next event? We can accommodate events of all types outside on the Lowell Village Commons as well inside the historic Lowell School Building. Please inquire here for more details.

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