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Eugene Groves Day Celebration

A vintage photo of a man wearing a party hat.
“Come celebrate my 141st birthday! -Eugene Groves, Lowell School Architect (1883-1967)

What:  Eugene Groves Day Celebration

Where:  The Historic Lowell School Building, 310 N. 7th St., Downtown Grand Junction, CO 81501

When:  Friday 2/9, 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Details:  Pioneering Colorado architect Eugene Groves designed the Lowell School (old R-5 High) in downtown Grand Junction. Groves was born 141 years ago on February 9th, 1883. Please join us Friday 2/9 for "Eugene Groves Day" a free community celebration of the ongoing restoration and revitalization of the Lowell School.

We'll have something fun for everyone, including: theatrical performances, dueling pianos, contests and activities, and discounts from several local businesses located in the Lowell School and the surrounding "Lowell District" (LoDi). We'll also have 3 food trucks serving dinner: Dango Burrito, Lucky Thai, and Pronto Bronto. Plus: free birthday treats for the first 100 people in attendance from Dango Burrito. For full details, check out the Official Eugene Groves Birthday Party website.

Hosts:  Co-hosted by Mesa County Historical Society, The Lost Theater Troupe, Geek Parties of the Grand Valley, and REgeneration Development. For more info, contact event organizer Ann Hartter by email or phone at (970) 812-3208.

Sponsors:  Financial support provided by REgeneration Development. In-kind support provided by the Lowell Village Metro District.


About the Lowell School Revitalization Project

- Pioneering Colorado architect Eugene Groves designed dozens of public buildings in Colorado, including the Lowell School and the Mesa County Courthouse. 

- The Lowell School was completed in 1926 and is one of the few commercial buildings in Grand Junction listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

- The building was originally an elementary school nearly 50 years, and then an alternative high school for nearly 50 years after that.

REgeneration Development is currently restoring and revitalizing the Lowell School in collaboration with a community of creative and entrepreneurial tenants, community partnerships, and financial supporters.

- The Lowell School project is a public-private partnership between REgeneration, the Grand Junction Downtown Development Authority, and the Lowell Village Metro District (in-kind support only).

- The ongoing historic preservation of the Lowell School is supported financially by: lending from the Colorado Historical Foundation, grants from History Colorado’s State Historical Fund, energy efficiency incentives from Xcel Energy, and historic preservation income tax credits issued by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade and sold by Tax Credit Connection.


There's always something new happening at the Lowell Village Metro District! For upcoming events inside the historic Lowell School Building or outside on the Lowell Village Commons (public open space in front of the school), check out the Metro District's Community Calendar.

Looking for a unique venue to host your next event? We can accommodate events of all types outside on the Lowell Village Commons as well inside the historic Lowell School Building. Please inquire here for more details.

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