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First Friday@Lowell School: Temporal Things with Featured Artist Ami Purser

May contain: home decor, linen, art, modern art, and texture
Past, Presence, and Temporal Things by Ami Purser (5' x 5' Acrylic on Birchwood )

What:  First Friday@Lowell School: Temporal Things with Featured Ami Purser

Where:  ArtLight Studio, Classroom #11, The Historic Lowell School Building, 310 N. 7th St., Downtown Grand Junction, CO 81501

When:  Friday 11/3 from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Details:  ArtLight Therapy & Studios is a gallery and studio space dedicated to art therapy practice and the exhibition of emerging artists. ArtLight is "illuminating the path to healing, through creativity." Located in the historic Lowell School building, ArtLight is featuring works in a wide range of media at First Friday events at the Lowell School throughout the year.  November's First Friday will open on 11/3 with an exhibit entitled Temporal Things with featured artist Ami Purser.

Hosts:  Hosted by ArtLight Studios. For more info, contact event organizer Joni Beckner via email or phone at (970) 623-9770.

Sponsors:  Financial support provided by REgeneration Development. In-kind support provided by the Lowell Village Metro District.


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